Accelerate Digital Transformation by Unlocking Insights from IoT and Diverse Data Sources 

Pelion’s Data Management makes it easy to access, integrate and action insights derived from secure IoT data. By unlocking insights from IoT and enterprise level data, organizations can harness new opportunities, improve operational efficiency and make critical decisions with confidence.  

Arm Pelion Data Management Diagram


Security in Trusted Data

Data security with encryption in transition and at rest, control permissions – identity and access management, fully redundant platform with ISO/IEC certification and recognition from Cyber Defense Magazine. 

Flexibility in Data Diversity

Collect and unify diverse data from heterogeneous devices, enterprise data and 3rd party sources. Rich ecosystem of data integrations and flexible application development ensures a future proof solution.

Opportunity Expansion
 Accelerate time-to-value with a fully managed solution that processes over 30 trillion records/day and reduces the complexity with iteration and exploration of data. Overlaying multiple data sources enables crystalizing unique insights and recognizing new opportunities.
Case Study

How are Companies Leveraging IoT Data to Transform Their Businesses?

Forrester IoT White Paper

How are companies preparing to connect, provision, manage, and secure IoT projects, so the data they’re unlocking positively transforms their businesses?  This Arm-sponsored white paper from Forrester Consulting reveals insights and offers answers.

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Treasure Data Platform

Arm Treasure Data empowers cross-functional teams with customer insights that drive outstanding customer experiences. Companies in the Global 2000 take advantage of our advanced capabilities–cutting through the complexity of enterprise data management.  With Treasure Data, they identify, engage and acquire customers efficiently, all within an open, highly configurable and secure data platform. 

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