IoT Solutions to Empower Embedded Intelligence

The Internet of Things requires solutions that allow for the creation of products adapted to the specific constraints of that market: security, power efficiency, standard-based communications and scalability. Arm provides software solutions and pre-integrated subsystems to enable its partners to quickly design and deploy secure IoT nodes.

Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform

The Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform is a fully integrated device management solution. It provides the operating system, gateway, device management services, and partner ecosystem to speed adoption and deployment of IoT solutions.

Already adopted by more than 300,000 developers, it enables secure, efficient and scalable IoT development and implementation.

Arm Kigen SIM Solutions

Arm Kigen provides SIM solutions designed to unlock cellular connectivity for the IoT.

It includes device and server side software solutions enabling full integration of SIM functionality to modern IoT SoC designs, and flexible remote provisioning for MNOs, OEMs and IoT platform providers.

Arm CoreLink System Design Kits

The Arm CoreLink System Design Kits give you everything you need to build a complete system, enabling you to build your system even faster. Inside each of the System Design Kits, you get verified, configurable and modifiable subsystems, which pre-integrate the processor with the most relevant system components. This allows you to use the subsystems as a solid starting point, accelerating the time to market for your next IoT product.

Arm CoreLink Subsystems

Building the system around the processor requires integrating many IP blocks together, which can take a significant amount of time. To ease this process, Arm has designed subsystems to provide readily available solutions, that can be directly integrated into your design. The subsystems come fully verified, with many configuration points to adapt to different use cases, and with software to help product designers to quickly build complete systems.

Arm DesignStart


Looking for differentiation—try a custom chip with Arm

Custom system-on-chips (SoCs) integrate a processor with analog functionality, creating smaller, lower cost and lower power chips than discrete alternatives. Arm provides the fastest path to custom silicon success – free access to proven, industry-leading IP and a wealth of trusted services.

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