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Supreme performance at optimal power
Powering the most energy-efficient embedded devices
Robust real-time performance
Custom-designed for ultimate performance and specific market needs
Highest performance for machine learning inference
Highest graphics performance for flagship gaming experiences
Higher graphics performance combined with power efficiency
Advanced ISPs for human display and computer vision applications
Scalable and flexible for cloud to edge infrastructure
Fully verified, PPA-optimized, customizable Neoverse compute subsystems
Powerful solutions for physical security applications
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Second-generation Armv9.2 premium-efficiency, out-of-order CPU for sustained performance in a constrained power envelope.
  • Designed to enhance consumer experience with AAA gaming and web browsing.
  • Delivers increased sustained performance within fixed power envelope.
  • Continues the area-optimized configurability option for cost-constrained markets.


The first Armv9-A high-performance Cortex-A CPU based on Arm DynamIQ technology and designed for safety critical applications.
  • Designed for the next generation of software defined vehicles.
  • Arm DynamIQ Shared Unit, DSU-120AE, brings increased levels of scalability.
  • Introduces safety features for both ISO 26262 ASIL B and ASIL D certifications.


First Armv9.2 premium-efficiency CPU based on DynamIQ technology. Offers sustained performance in a constrained power envelope.
  • Built for next-generation consumer devices.
  • Delivers consistently high performance for wearables, smartphones, and laptops.
  • Offers new area configurability for an expanded range of use cases.


Second-generation Armv9 “big” CPU for best-in-class efficient performance.
  • The CPU cluster workhorse across "big.LITTLE" configurations.
  • Targeted microarchitecture optimizations for 20% power efficiency improvements.
  • Consistent performance gains to match Cortex-X1, Arm’s first-generation Cortex-X CPU.


First-generation Armv9 “big” CPU that offers a balance of performance and efficiency.
  • Addition of Armv9 architecture features for enhanced performance and security.
  • Optimal for mobile compute use cases such as smartphones and smart TVs.
  • 30% increase in energy efficiency compared to Cortex-A78.


High-efficiency Armv9.2 Cortex-A CPU for safety-critical applications, bringing power efficiency in the smallest silicon footprint.
  • Designed for the next generation of software defined vehicles (SDVs).
  • Innovative micro-architecture delivering highly efficient performance.
  • Split-lock feature to build silicon once and address multiple markets.


First Armv9.2 high-efficiency “LITTLE” CPU.
  • Most performant, high-efficiency CPU with improved power efficiency (up to 22% vs Cortex-A510) for DoU/real-world use cases.
  • New QARMA3 PAC algorithm lowers the performance cost, strengthening PAC deployment in the consumer technology market.
  • AArch64-only CPU for building big.LITTLE clusters across the consumer technology market.


First-generation Armv9 high-efficiency “LITTLE” CPU.
  • Large performance increases for a highly efficient CPU.
  • Innovative microarchitecture upgrades.
  • Over 3x uplift in ML performance compared to Cortex-A55.


The fourth generation high-performance CPU based on DynamIQ technology. The most efficient premium Cortex-A CPU.
  • Built for next generation consumer devices.
  • Enabling immersive experiences on new form factors and foldables.
  • Improving ML device responsiveness and capabilities such as face and speech recognition.


Providing market-specific solutions with advanced security features and large big-core configurations.
  • Performance for laptop class productivity and gaming on-the-go.
  • Advanced data and device security with Pointer Authentication.
  • Improved scalability with up to 8 big core only configuration and up to 8MB L3 cache.


A High-performance Cortex-A CPU based on Arm DynamIQ and designed for safety-critical applications.
  • Designed for the software-defined vehicle.
  • Split-lock capability with hybrid mode for efficient functional safety and post-silicon flexibility.
  • ISO 26262 ASIL D certifications, and enhanced features targeted at ASIL B and quality management use cases.


Third-generation high-performance CPU based on DynamIQ technology.
  • Leadership performance and efficiency for 5G mobile solutions.
  • Improved responsiveness for on device machine learning.
  • Built for next-gen smartphones and laptops.


Second-generation high-performance CPU based on DynamIQ technology.
  • Designed for devices undertaking complex compute tasks.
  • Greater single threaded performance and improved energy efficiency.
  • Enables faster responsiveness and at-the-edge support for machine learning applications.


The world’s first autonomous-class processor with integrated safety features.
  • Purpose-built for functional safety applications such as ADAS and autonomous vehicles.
  • First application processor with Split-Lock capability.
  • Safety capable to industry standards, including ISO 26262 ASIL D.


First-generation high-performance CPU based on DynamIQ technology.
  • Flexible architecture provides a broad ecosystem of support.
  • Executes up to three instructions in parallel per clock cycle.
  • Broad market use covers smartphones, servers, automotive applications and more.


Highly power-efficient CPU that maintains high-performance.
  • Increased power efficiency of up to 30 percent over predecessors.
  • Smallest Armv8-A processor.
  • Designed for mobile and consumer applications.


High-performance CPU that has multiple uses including mobile and embedded technologies.
  • Advanced branch predictor reduces wasted energy consumption.
  • Gain significant advantages in reduced memory requirements.
  • Suitable for implementation in an Arm big.LITTLE configuration.


Arm’s first multithreaded Cortex-A CPU with Split-Lock for functional safety.
  • Best-in-class throughput efficiency for memory intensive workloads.
  • Highest levels of safety with Dual Core Lock-Step for demanding safety-critical tasks.
  • Supports Split-Lock for improved cost efficiency in mixed-criticality applications.


Arm’s first multithreaded Cortex-A CPU.
  • Best-in-class throughput efficiency for memory intensive workloads.
  • Processes two threads simultaneously, scales up to eight cores in a single cluster.
  • Built on DynamIQ technology, supports an array of configurations.


Highest efficiency mid-range processor that can be paired with a high-performance CPU in a DynamIQ configuration.
  • Flexible design meets requirements to support broad market application.
  • Ideal for smaller devices with constrained environments.
  • Designed for compatibilty with DynamIQ configurations.


The most widely-used mid-range processor with balanced performance and efficiency.
  • Available in Arm Flexible Access.
  • The choice for high single thread and FPU/Neon performance.
  • Supports a wide range of applications across automotive and networking and more.
  • Most widely deployed 64-bit Armv8-A processor.


Armv8-A processor that seamlessly supports 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Power management features reduce the power budget.
  • Supports 64-bit processing suitable for embedded applications.
  • Ideal processor to use for IoT nodes and gateways.


Smallest and most power-efficient 64-bit Armv8-A processor.
  • Scalable from a single core or up to a cluster of 4 processors.
  • Advanced power management with idle power management features.
  • Supports 64-bit processing suitable for embedded applications.


Smallest and lowest power Armv8-A processor.
  • Advanced power management with idle power mangement features.
  • Scalability of use as a single core or up to a cluster of four processors.
  • Logical choice for embedded and IoT markets.


Smallest and most efficient 32-bit Armv7-A processor.
  • Enhanced hardware virtualization provided by Armv7-A extensions.
  • Improved memory performance of up to 20 percent over its predecessors.
  • Supports 32-bit, rich operating systems, including Linux.


Customizable Armv7-A processor for high-performance in a low-power profile.
  • Scalable versatility for cost-sensitive, low-power applications.
  • Advanced features and rich OS support for the smallest devices.
  • Access at $0 through Arm Flexible Access.
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