High Performance Tools for Developing Arm Based HPC Solutions

Tools designed to get your application ready-to-run with optimal performance on Armv8-A. Here’s everything you need to create, migrate, and innovate serial and parallel codes within an Arm-based Linux, Fortran, or MPI system.

Arm Allinea Studio Features
  • Tuned specifically for scientific computing, HPC and Enterprise workloads
  • Intuitive tools for scientists, researchers and specialists performing government and commercial simulations.
  • Supports you at every stage, from porting to more advanced optimization.
  • Continuously updated commercial releases with latest features and optimization

What Is in Arm Allinea Studio

C/C++ Compiler

Arm C/C++ Compiler is an LLVM based commercial compiler with support for C++ 14 standard and tuned for server and HPC workloads on a wide-range of Arm-based platforms.

Fortran Compiler

The Arm Fortran Compiler is a commercial compiler provided by Arm to meet the needs of the scientific and HPC communities on the Arm architecture.

Performance Libraries

Commercial 64-bit Armv8 math libraries for optimal serial and parallel performance on Armv8-A.  Built in collaboration with Arm’s silicon partners and validated by the NAG test suite.


Integrated suite for debugging, profiling and optimization supports the latest Armv8-A architecture and other platforms.

Performance Reports

Analyzing your application performance on the latest Armv8-A architecture and other platforms.

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  • Scalable profiling for instructions, memory access, I/O, communication, multi-process and multi-threaded code
  • Scalable debugging with uniquely capable C++, C, Fortran and F90 debugging
  • Powerful reports for analyzing application performance at scale
  • Arm hardware-optimized commercial compiler and performance libraries
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