Ready-to-Use Virtual Prototypes

Cycle Performance Analysis Kits (CPAKs) minimize the time spent creating virtual prototypes and maximize the time spent using them. These extensible virtual prototypes come with preconfigured models and a reference system, along with software, so designers are productive within minutes of download.

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Feature and Benefits

The Complete Package

CPAKs are virtual prototypes featuring pre-configured 100% accurate models of critical performance elements (e.g., processors, fabric, and memory controllers) plus application software with source code. Whether a Linux OS or bare metal software CPAK, prototypes are ready to run out of the box on the virtual target.

Simple Customization

CPAKs can be easily customized using either SoC Designer or Accellera SystemC, which enables IP blocks to be easily reconfigured, added, or replaced. You have the option to include models from Arm IP Exchange, models compiled from RTL using Cycle Model Studio, or handwritten models in C/C++ or SystemC.  

Fast OS Startup

Swap & Play CPAKs include a configured Fast Model equivalent of the included Cycle Model reference system. The Fast Model runs through the Linux boot phase and then the simulation state is swapped into the 100% accurate Cycle Model system (for all or just part of the system) and execution continues.

Use Cases

Develop and debug complex SoCs as virtual prototypes prior to implementing in hardware. Add software or additional IP to the CPAK for further differentiation.

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