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Arm is the world's leading technology provider of silicon IP for the intelligent system-on-chips at the heart of billions of devices. Our portfolio of products enable partners to innovate and get-to-market faster on a secure architecture built for performance and power efficiency. Find the right processor IP for your application.

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Supreme performance at optimal power
Powering the most energy-efficient embedded devices
Robust real-time performance
Custom-designed for ultimate performance and specific market needs
Highest performance for machine learning inference
Highest graphics performance for flagship gaming experiences
Higher graphics performance combined with power efficiency
Advanced ISPs for human display and computer vision applications
Scalable and flexible for cloud to edge infrastructure
Fully verified, PPA-optimized, customizable Neoverse compute subsystems
Powerful solutions for physical security applications
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Use Cases

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Neoverse N3

Performance-per-watt optimized for hyperscale, 5G, enterprise networking, and infrastructure edge workloads.
  • 20% greater performance-per-watt efficiency compared to Neoverse N2.
  • 2MB L2 cache option offers nearly 3x performance gains on ML workloads.

Neoverse V3

The first Armv9.2 Neoverse CPU to support the Arm Confidential Compute Architecture.
  • Highest single-thread performance for cloud, HPC, and AI/ML workloads.
  • Supports up to 3MB private L2 cache per core.
  • The perfect foundation for AI accelerator development.

Neoverse V3AE

First Armv9.2 Neoverse CPU with safety enhancements for automotive markets. 
  • Highest single-thread performance for AI/ML workloads and automotive markets.
  • Supports up to 3MB L2 cache per core.
  • Performance to meet the needs of complex workloads for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems in future generations of software-defined vehicles.

Neoverse V2

A New Benchmark for Cloud Computing, HPC, and ML Performance.
  • With an enhanced pipeline and up to 2MB L2 cache per core, Neoverse V2 can deliver 2x the performance of Neoverse V1 on cloud and ML applications.
  • Arm's first V-series core with Armv9 features like memory tagging extension (MTE) and performance defined power (PDP).

Neoverse V1

A performance-first tier targeting HPC, HPC in the Cloud and AI/ML-accelerated applications.
  • Arm’s first SVE implementation for the HPC market, with 2x floating and 4x ML uplift over Neoverse N1.
  • Expands market-leading performance with 50% IPC uplift over Neoverse N1.

Neoverse N2

Leading performance efficiency for cloud-to-edge infrastructure.
  • Market leading scalability and versatility.
  • Significant 40% IPC performance improvement over Neoverse N1.
  • Armv9 introduces key features for performance (SVE2) and security (MTE).

Neoverse N1

Accelerating the transformation to a scalable cloud to edge infrastructure.
  • Revolutionary compute performance.
  • Platform features specific to infrastructure.
  • Designed for extreme range of scale and diversity of compute.

Neoverse E1

Empowering the infrastructure to meet next-generation throughput demands.
  • Intelligent design for highly efficient throughput. 
  • Fully leverages diverse Arm software ecosystem. 
  • Highly scalable throughput for edge-to-core data transport.
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