NI-DAQ Interface

Highly Scalable Solution for Energy OptimizationNI USB DAQ

ARM has partnered with National Instruments to extend the system visibility provided by the ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer to include highly accurate data acquired by the NI X and M series DAQ devices. The combined solution is ideal for OEMs faced with demanding power, thermal or energy efficient requirements for ARM processor-based products that run Linux or Android platforms.

See Where System Energy is Going

Bringing together power measurement and software and hardware visibility is the only efficient way to understand the causes for energy inefficiencies in the system. Instead of blindly repeating software runs with slight modified configurations, Streamline enables developers to dynamically see the impact of software on power consumption and processor's performance monitoring unit (PMU) along the data capture timeline.

ARM DS-5 Energy/Power Analysis
ARM Streamline combined software performance and power data

Continuous Improvement

The combination of power and software data is not only useful for visual inspection. Streamline's command line interface permits the joined-up solution to be used in automated tests, allowing equipment manufacturers to continuously check their product's performance and energy efficiency throughout the development cycle. Even when there is no one around.

One DAQ Device for Every NeedNational Instruments

By offering an interface to NI X and M series USB DAQ devices, ARM acknowledges that when it comes to energy optimization one size does not fit all. While some system engineers need to monitor dozens of sub-components on voltages rails of less than 1 volt, other application developers only care about the power consumed by the CPU, GPU and display. NI's range of DAQ devices offers developers wide choice. Learn more about NI M series and X series of DAQ devices.

Watch It In Action


Compatible devices M series USB DAQ
X series USB DAQ
NI drivers NI-DAQmx Base
Host OS* Windows XP
Windows 7
Redhat Linux (M Series only)

* Always check NI-DAQmx Base compatibility on ni.com



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