DS-5 Debugger: µC/OS RTOS

MicriumThe Micirum µC/OS-III® RTOS is a versatile and deterministic kernel that supports ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, ARM® Cortex™-M, Cortex-R and Cortex-A series of devices. The ARM DS-5toolchain brings in-built task-aware debugging and visibility into internal data structures of the µC/OS-III RTOS.

uC/OS-III DS-5 Debugger control viewIntegrated Debug Control

DS-5 Debugger has full visibility of processor cores, tasks and call stack. The Debug Control view displays all this information in an intuitive layout, on a per debug connection basis, making it extremely easy for you to identify the current context and switch between stack frames. Additionally, also DS-5 breakpoints are customized for the specific OS, enabling task-specific conditions for breaking the execution.

µC/OS Data ViewsuC/OS-II DS-5 Debugger semaphores view

The OS Data view in DS-5 offers great flexibility for visualization of internal µC/OS data structures. As is standard to most DS-5 views, you can view as many instances of the OS Data view as necessary. Each of them can be configured to display different pieces of information about the internal kernel state. For instance, you can select to simultaneously see the lists of tasks, kernel configuration and memory partition.


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