Electrification is Shaping the Future

The electric vehicle market has seen many false dawns, but an electrified future for transportation is now within reach, according to a report by Strategy Analytics. The report forecasts that 40% of all cars sold across the globe in 2027 will be electrified, rising to over 95% by 2050. This change, coupled with a growing trend for centralized networking architectures, demands a smaller number of higher performance processors to power advanced control systems for vehicle dynamics and car motion.


Transforming Solutions for Vehicle Motion

Arm technology is enabling the real-time, efficient, safe compute needed for vehicle motion and dynamics systems. Explore our recommended products for a variety of vehicle motion applications, including battery management systems, on-board chargers and traction motor controllers.

A New Era of Automotive Compute

The latest flexible, scalable compute solution from Arm will enable efficient and comfortable advanced propulsion control for the next generation of green cars and the journey to autonomous vehicles. Arm provides the flexible processing power and safety to meet the demanding workload needs.

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Powering the Road to Cleaner, Smarter Vehicles

It’s important to understand the requirements of different types of engines, whether it’s a fully electrified powertrain, conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) or a hybrid. So, how is Arm powering these different types of vehicles today and how will we continue to power them in the future? Read our blog from James Scobie, Arm senior product manager, to find out.

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Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

Intelligent Driving Technologies with Nissan

The latest model of the Nissan LEAF is a great example of smart, sustainable, and intelligent mobility while delivering an excellent driving experience. Learn how Arm technology and our partner ecosystem provide the efficient performance, responsiveness, and functional safety support to enable innovations in driving technologies, including e-powertrains.

Powertrain Electrification with STMicroelectronics

The evolution of vehicle architectures into centralized systems introduces new challenges. This evolution includes the integration of electrification features into powertrains, whether hybrid or fully electric. Find out how STMicroelectronics are implementing Arm IP to enable real-time virtualization for powertrain, smart gateway, and domain controllers.

Vehicle Motion and Dynamics Solutions

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Cortex-M Processors


The Cortex-M family is Arm's smallest and lowest power suite of CPUs, designed to enable developers to create cost-sensitive and power-constrained solutions, ideal for a broad range of vehicle motion and dynamics applications.

Cortex-R Processors


With real-time deterministic control, Cortex-R processors offer reliable, safe, high-performance computing solutions for powertrain and motion control domain controllers, including battery management systems, onboard chargers and traction motors.

Software Test Libraries

Software Test Libraries

Arm's Software Test Libraries provide diagnostic coverage to address functional safety requirements for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 systems, with flexible execution scheduling minimizing the run-time impact on applications.

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From the high-performance integration of multiple applications into domain controllers to highly efficient sensing and actuation nodes at the edge, find out how Arm can support your development and help enable the vehicle motion and body control for advanced vehicles.

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Vehicle Motion and Dynamics Resources

The EV Era Has Begun: Five Things it Needs to Succeed

Enhancing Time-critical Automotive Designs with Arm Cortex-R52+

Model-based Development Accelerated: More Performance on Arm Devices with ETAS

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An Ecosystem of Trust

Arm partners offer technologies to service the compute needs of the whole vehicle, including powertrain, braking, steering, and suspension systems. Our partners facilitate the efficient development of automotive solutions with silicon and software products.

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