Next Generation Vehicle Architecture Migration with Arm and NXP

Vehicles of the future will be radically different to those we drive today. Rising demands on electronics and higher compute requirements, combined with the exponential growth of AI within vehicle architectures, are enabling a range of new driver functions and unit updates in software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

In this on-demand webinar, Arm and automotive ecosystem partner NXP, provide insights into new ways to approach real-time software computing strategies using the latest Arm automotive technology.

Learn about:

  • The challenges faced by motor manufacturers in enabling SDVs.
  • Arm’s high performance, power efficient AE IP portfolio, with enhanced functional safety and security features.
  • The opportunities to accelerate the migration of vehicle portfolios to new E/E architectures.


  • Bernhard Rill, Director of Automotive Partnerships, Arm
  • Robert Moran, Product Management & Systems for Vehicle Control & Networking Solutions, NXP