Enhancing AI Performance for Endpoint Devices

The Arm Cortex-M55 processor brings endpoint artificial intelligence (AI) to billions of chips. It features the next generation of functional safety capabilities and Arm Helium vector processing technology for enhanced, energy-efficient digital signal processing (DSP) and machine learning (ML) performance. The Cortex-M55 offers an easy way to implement AI with the ease-of-use of Cortex-M, a single toolchain, optimized software libraries, and an industry-leading embedded ecosystem.

Features and Benefits

Improve ML and DSP Performance

Delivers up to 15x ML performance improvement and up to 5x signal processing performance uplift compared to existing Cortex-M processors.

Accelerate Time to Market

The Corstone-300 reference package offers the fastest, most secure way to incorporate the Cortex-M55 into a system-on-chip (SoC).

Simplify Software Development

Single developer toolchain supported by a broad ecosystem of software, tools, libraries, and resources.

Unlock the Benefits of AI with this Best-in-Class Solution

The combination of world-class hardware IP, easy-to-use tools, open-source software, and a leading ecosystem means the Cortex-M55 processor is transforming the future of small embedded, automotive, and IoT devices. The Cortex-M55 processor is part of a wider solution that includes the following key components to enable the next generation of AI devices: 

What Arm Partners Are Saying

Watch this video with Michal Gabrielczyk, Head of Edge AI at Cambridge Consultants to hear how Cortex-M55 is enabling endpoint AI for their customers, sparking innovation of voice detection and computer vision applications.


"The new Arm Cortex-M55 technology offers the enhanced ML performance and efficiency needed for the next generation of ST microcontrollers. Its support in the STM32Cube.AI tools and ecosystem means this new technology will be simple, fast and optimized to use for all STM32 developers, improving the already wide range of AI applications accessible to them."

Ricardo De Sa Earp, Microcontroller Division General Manager, STMicroelectronics

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"Signal processing is key to rendering immersive audio experiences in compact form factors, such as smart speakers. The Arm Cortex-M55 processor will help Dolby further revolutionize entertainment with its higher digital signal processing performance and power efficiency, enabling chip manufacturers and OEMs to bring Dolby Atmos to more products within their portfolio."

Mahesh Balakrishnan, Vice President, Audio Business, Dolby

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Fundamentals of System-on-Chip Design on Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers
Fundamentals of System-on-Chip Design on Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers

Access a comprehensive guide to embedded systems built around Arm Cortex-M processor cores, from a high-level hardware and software perspective to the fundamentals of microcontroller architectures and SoC-based designs.

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Architecture and Technologies

A Foundation of Silicon Success  

Explore the architecture and technologies that support the Cortex-M55 processor. 

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