Introduction to the Arm Cortex-M55 Processor

The Arm Cortex-M55 processor is Arm’s most AI-capable Cortex-M processor and the first to feature Arm Helium vector processing technology, bringing enhanced, energy efficient signal processing and machine learning (ML) performance.

cortex m55 introduction

This introductory white paper provides details on the following:

  • Technical details, including pipeline, floating-point support and features of the optional vector extension, Arm Helium technology
  • 15x ML performance uplift compared to previous Cortex-M generations, and specific performance numbers for Dolby’s audio processing solution
  • Insight into the Cortex-M55 memory system, optimized for real-time, deterministic behaviours
  • Security features, including the Privileged eXecute Never (PXN), Unprivileged Debug Extension (UDE) and some enhancements to TrustZone technology
  • Debug features and enhancements
  • Software and tools support, including open-source CMSIS-NN and CMSIS-DSP libraries
  • Supporting IP, including the Corstone-300 reference package and the Ethos-U55 processor, Arm’s first microNPU

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