Create Custom Cycle Models

Cycle Model Studio enables developers to leverage this IP:

  • To easily generate and instrument custom Cycle Models
  • To automatically integrate their models into SoC Designer or SystemC based simulation environments
  • To jumpstart creation of a complete and accurate virtual prototype.
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Features and Benefits

Ease of Use

Easily generate components of virtual SoC prototypes. Cycle Model Studio compiles RTL into high-speed software models you configure and instrument using a straightforward GUI that also provides for easy configuration management of model variants.

Wide Platform Integration

Use the simulation environment of choice. Cycle Model Studio creates Cycle Models that directly integrate with Arm SoC Designer as well as SystemC simulation environments and RTL simulation environments from Synopsys, Cadence, and Mentor.

One Model - Many Uses

Different teams leverage one model. Software teams see a programmer’s view. Architects access buses, hardware interfaces, memories, and transactions. Hardware teams have full debug flexibility and RTL visibility, including waveform dumping.

White Paper

The Power of Virtual Prototyping: From SoC Design to Software Development

Software-based methodologies for virtual prototypes help prove designs earlier, and let companies start parallel hardware and software development.

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