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Arm Allinea Studio is a complete suite of high performance tools for developing Arm-based server and HPC applications. It includes Arm Forge, Arm C/C++ Compiler, Arm Fortran Compiler, Arm Performance Libraries, and Arm Performance Reports — all designed to get your application running at optimal performance on Armv8-A.

Features and Benefits
A Complete Toolsuite

Arm Forge combines Arm DDT, the No. 1 parallel debugger, with Arm MAP, the powerful low-overhead profiler, to simplify the task of debugging, profiling and optimizing Linux applications running on the Armv8-A architecture.

C/C++ Compiler Tuned to HPC

Compatible with Arm Forge and Arm Performance Libraries, Arm C/C++ Compiler is LLVM based, includes support for the C++ 14 standard to improve the speed of server and HPC workloads on a wide range of Arm-based platforms.

High-Performance Fortran Compiler

Built on top of LLVM and Flang, supporting the latest Fortran standards, Arm Fortran Compiler is a commercial compiler designed to get the best performance on any 64-bit Arm hardware used for scientific computing and high performance applications. 

More Features
Arm Optimized Math Libraries

Built in collaboration with Arm’s silicon partners and validated by the NAG test suite, Arm Performance Libraries are commercial 64-bit Armv8 math libraries designed for optimal serial and parallel performance on Armv8-A.

Insightful Performance Reports

Arm Performance Reports provide detailed information on a wide area of performance indicators, including: time spent in various types of instructions, memory usage, MPI communications and time spent in thread computation and synchronization.

Faster Code Development

Use Arm C/C++ Compiler and Arm Fortran Compiler to develop Server and HPC codes that leverage such foundational industry technologies as C++ 14, LLVM, and Flang for high performance across platforms and use cases.

Easier Code Development

Use Arm Forge, Arm Performance Libraries, and Arm Performance Reports to debug, profile and optimize high performance codes,  speeding up computation results to accelerate development in fields such as climate and weather, life sciences, product simulation, and oil and gas.

Use Case

GW4 Alliance puts Arm architecture to the test for HPC

The GW4 Isambard project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), is a collaboration between the GW4 Alliance (formed from the universities of Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Exeter) together with the Met Office, Cray, Arm and Cavium. The development of Isambard will change the future of supercomputing, opening up the path to greater hardware innovation and competition to give scientists more influence over processor design.

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