Debug, Profile and Optimize on Any HPC Platform

Clients from diverse areas such as climate modeling, life sciences and engine design and 80 percent of the world’s top 25 supercomputer users trust our tools for building and running their applications to maximum effect.

Cross Platform Feature
  • Debug and profile the most scalable applications
  • The new home for Forge, MAP, DDT and Performance Reports, previously from Allinea
  • Fast-to-market updates supporting the latest Intel, NVIDIA, IBM and Arm platforms
  • Highly trusted, capable and intuitive tools for high performance code
  • Build your own targeted performance metrics
  • Supports continuous integration

Arm Forge

One single interface, lets you write and port your code onto next generation processors with maximum accuracy and efficiency. The suite includes the lightning speed scalable debugger, Arm DDT, and the unrivalled parallel profiler, Arm MAP.

Arm Performance Reports

Maximize the return for your HPC investment by getting more from your applications.  See how your applications are performing and where to focus your further profiling and optimization efforts in one clear report.

Free Trial
Evaluate Arm Tools for Free

Get free access to Arm Forge and Arm Performance Reports and the Arm Allinea Studio. Take advantage of the following:

  • One week trial with free support
  • Scalable profiling for instructions, memory access, I/O, communication, multi-process and multi-threaded code
  • Scalable debugging with uniquely capable C++, C, Fortran and F90 debugging
  • Powerful reports for analyzing application performance at scale
  • Arm hardware-optimized commercial compiler and performance libraries
Free Trial