Arm Cortex-M Powering Automotive MCUs

The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation as vehicle architectures rapidly change to support the move toward software-defined vehicles with higher levels of automation and electrification. These future vehicles need microcontrollers with a wide range of performance and efficiency capabilities, as well as support for secure and efficient software updates.

The graphic below outlines six core benefits of Arm-based microcontrollers for software-defined vehicles.

What Your MCUs Need for the Software-Defined Vehicle

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Microcontrollers based on the Arm Cortex-M processor family enables software-defined vehicles through the deployment of a common, scalable architecture to meet the processing demands, software re-use, lower development costs, faster time to market, and more.

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Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

Arm-Based STMicroelectronics Electrification Solutions Improve Vehicle Efficiency and Extend Range

Discover how Arm’s partnership with ST is building innovative and forward-looking products that help accelerate the shift toward electrification and increase consumer confidence.

Voices on Arm: GreenHills Talks Zonal Controllers, Safety Certification in Automotive

At Embedded World 2023, GreenHills Software, outlines why the move to zonal controllers in vehicles will deliver opportunities to consolidate key automotive functions, and how GreenHills are working on software tools to support Arm-based zonal controllers and microcontrollers.

NXP Accelerates Software Creation on S32K Automotive Microcontrollers

See how NXP is easing complex motor-control software development on NXP S32K3 based on Arm Cortex-M7, by using NXP’s toolbox of motor control libraries and modeling tools.

Next-Generation Automotive Solutions on indie’s Arm-Based Microcontrollers

Learn how indie is creating next-generation Arm-based SoCs to help meet the demands of future vehicles, while helping vehicle manufacturers address key automotive megatrends.

Arm-Powered eFuses from Elmos, the Smart Guardian of the Vehicle

Discover how power distribution is changing and how future vehicle electronic systems will be protected using the evolutionary electronic smart fuse from Elmos.

Accelerating Zone Controllers with Infineon

See how Arm-based microcontrollers (MCUs) from Infineon accelerate the evolution from electronic control units (ECUs) to more capable and flexible zone controllers.

Automotive Microcontroller Spotlight 

Product Highlights

Cortex-M23: Now Enhanced for Safety-critical Automotive Applications


Cortex-M55: Functional Safety Ready and Fueling the Next Generation of Automotive Microcontrollers


Cortex-M85: Enabling Safety and Boosting Flexibility and Performance Even Higher


Software and Tools Support

Software on Wheels: Do You Have the Right Tools?


The Cloud-Native Approach to the Software Defined Car


The Importance of Building Functional Safety Into your Design Right from the Start


Cortex-M Processors

Explore Arm’s portfolio of automotive processors IP.


Cortex-M23 Processor

The smallest and lowest-power microcontroller with TrustZone security, making it the ideal processor for applications where software isolation and software security are required.

Cortex-M55 Processor

Arm’s most AI-capable Cortex-M processor and the first to feature Arm Helium technology, bringing a significant uplift in power-efficient ML and DSP performance for IoT devices.

Cortex-M85 Processor

Cortex-M85 provides increased security and high performance on a single Cortex-M without the need to migrate to multicore or heterogeneous platforms.

Innovation for the Future of Automotive

Innovation for the Future of Automotive

Explore some of the demonstrations at CES that take advantage of Arm technology and provide a valuable glimpse of automotive innovation on Arm.

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