DS-5 Debugger: Linux and Android

DS-5 Call StackContext Awareness

DS-5 Debugger has full visibility of processor cores, OS processes and threads, and call stack. The Debug Control view displays all this information with an intuitive hierarchical layout, on a per-debug-connection basis, making it extremely easy for developers to identify the current context and switch between stack frames. Additionally, DS-5 breakpoints are customized for Linux-based system debug, enabling thread-specific conditional breakpoints and pending breakpoints in kernel modules not yet inserted.



Remote System Explorer

DS-5 RSEThe Remote Systems view provides convenient and quick access to services commonly used in Linux-based system development. Building on secure shell connections (SSH), DS-5 embeds a remote file system explorer where files and directories can be fully managed, directly edited and transferred between host and target as easily as a simple drag-and-drop operation. Also in the IDE, remote terminal views can be launched at any time directly from the Remote Systems view.



Modules View

DS-5 ModulesThe Modules view is an OS-specific productivity tool to accelerate debugging activities involving shared libraries and kernel modules. This data panel can be used to visualize and manage shared libraries used by the application being debugged and kernel modules installed since the debugger has been connected. Furthermore, whenever it becomes important to investigate what happens inside one or more of these libraries or modules, developers can easily load their debug symbols using the Modules view.



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