Versatile LogicTiles

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The ARM® Versatile™ family is now discontinued and only available for a last time buy while stocks last. This range of development boards has been superseded by the Versatile™ Express family.  


Versatile™ LogicTiles can be added to any Versatile family baseboard. A LogicTile adds FPGA expansion space for prototyping or validating custom logic blocks, which can be driven by software running on the adjacent ARM processor. The main system AMBA® bus is brought right into the FPGA for direct connection to the peripheral IP under test. 


There is currently one LogicTile available in the Versatile family - the LT-XC5VLX330. LogicTiles can be stacked to increase FPGA gate count. A general purpose Interface Tile (IT1) is also available for easy IO expansion to other hardware or systems.


  • Ability to store two FPGA images in flash - for instance, one known good test image and one development image
  • 918 available IO pins with FOLD/THRU routing to optimize number of IOs passed up or down the stack
  • Two separate JTAG connections to motherboard allow simultaneous software debug of a soft processor and hardware debug using an ILA
  • PCB delay loops allow alignment of clocks on adjacent tiles
  • Configurable IO voltage on HDRX connector
  • FPGA over-temp LED
  • Support for AES encryption of FPGA image with coin cell for maintaining encryption key
  • General purpose pushbutton, LEDs and DIP switches all wired to FPGA
  • Custom low-profile heatsink and cooling fan


 Logic Tile Name


ARM Versatile LogicTile LT-XC5VLX330
 Part number  LT330-BD-0239A
 PCB number  HBI-0172
 Datasheet  Datasheet
 Manuals  User Guide
 FPGA Family  Virtex 5
 ZBT RAM  2x16MB
 Programmable Clocks  3
 Switches  8
 User LEDs  8
 Upward IO  252+
 Stackable with other LT  Yes
 Power Supply  From motherboard

An Interface Tile (IT1) can be stacked on top of a LogicTile to give IO connectivity to other boards or systems.



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