From a Secure Base, New Services Grow

Smart cards are perhaps the single largest application of embedded microcontrollers by volume. They are evolving from relatively simple single application chips to high capacity multi-application secure devices. The Mobile Segment is a key driver for new technology in the smart card market with the once humble SIM card becoming a true multi-application card. Since all GSM handsets carry SIM cards, it is a device primed for carrying: payment, ticketing, loyalty, physical access control and many more applications that require some level of offline secure functionality. Over-the-air provisioning of new applications is driving the need for additional processing power and storage.

Smart Cards

mobile payment system
Mobile Payment Systems

ARM has developed the SecurCore range of processors to address the specific needs of secure chip designers looking to create tamper-resistant devices. Secure Elements can take many other forms than traditional smart cards and include Secure Micro SD cards, embedded secure elements and embedded SIMs for machine-to-machine communication.


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