Advancing Protection for the Next-Generation of Vehicles

Modern vehicles offer a network of connected, asset-rich ECUs, which are exposed to a large and complex attack surface—one that has only gotten larger as the software-defined vehicle comes to fruition. Our focus remains on enabling highly robust system architectures and working with our ecosystem to ensure the delivery of standards and open-source software, as well as adherence to product security standards. Combined, these enable the automotive industry to establish trust, while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of assets—all essential factors in enabling the success of software defined vehicles.

Tom Conway
Tom Conway, Senior Director, Automotive Product Management

“As the promise of software defined vehicles become a reality, it continues to be an imperative that security-by-design is a top priority. Arm has been building security features into our products for three decades, and we continue to invest into architectural features and research projects to ensure our products and IP are robust against the rising threats. We’re proud to be at the center of an incredible ecosystem, which are collaborating towards a more secure future, through collaborative projects such as SOAFEE and AVCC.“

Our Commitment to Automotive Security

Arm is at the forefront of continued security research and industry collaboration to democratize the development of security for vehicles. We believe that securing the world’s data will continue to be one of the greatest technology challenges over the next decade of compute. It’s a challenge that can only be tackled and scaled with collaboration across the ecosystem.

Arm Architectural Security Features

With more than three decades of building foundational security features in the Arm architectures, we’ve based our world-class architecture security development on four main categories:

  • Defensive execution technologies
  • Isolation technologies
  • Platform security services
  • Standard security APIs

Together, these four categories offer integrated security across all Arm Automotive Enhanced (AE) IP products. Learn more about the Arm architectural investments for automotive in our latest blog.

Collaboration on Standards and RoT

Establishing root of trust (RoT) as a baseline for security in vehicles is critical, and we must establish a common set of RoT security requirements which match automotive requirements. An agreed common set of principles is an important tool for reducing fragmentation and ensuring that we achieve appropriate security robustness. Arm has always believed that open collaboration across the ecosystem is key to achieving this.

Arm is a cofounder of the PSA Certified scheme, which helps improve the security credentials of connected devices. As the promise of SDV becomes a reality, PSA Certified can help the automotive market in a number of ways:

  • Understanding the complex set of security requirements/regulation from governments and private schemes.
  • Reduced security costs while implementing a Vehicle Root of Trust.
  • Improved visibility and communication about robustness within the value chain.

Product Security

Product security is one of the key quality metrics for products delivered to partners and the wider ecosystem. It’s important to us that going forward we deliver IP solutions that can meet industry needs, standards, and regulations, including ISO/SAE 21434. To do this, we will build on the systematic approach to product security that we have across four key areas:

  • A tailored security development lifecycle.
  • A dedicated Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).
  • Independent product security assurance.
  • Proactive community engagement to ensure we meet development best practices.
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Arm Automotive Solutions Built for Security

Our commitment to built-in security means we actively evaluate the latest product security trends and requirements and, when applicable, apply them into our development and post-development practices. Our goal is to provide top-class processor IP, tools, and software solutions for automated driving, SDVs, and unique in-vehicle experiences with security built in.

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