Supporting Academia Towards Tomorrow’s Technology

The Arm University Program facilitates the use of Arm technology for education and research. University courses and labs, student projects, and academic research in embedded systems, microprocessors/controllers, mechatronics, SoC design, computer architecture, and other areas all benefit from using Arm. The program provides a variety of teaching materials, hardware platforms, software development tools, IP, and other resources for educators, students, and researchers.



For Educators

To help and assist educators and faculty members to teach the latest technology from Arm and the Arm ecosystem, Arm University Program has developed the Education Kit to provide the full courseware in the areas of Electrical, Electronic, Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

For Students

To learn the latest technology from Arm and Arm ecosystem, students can access a number of learning materials including online courses, textbooks and free education videos. 

For Researchers

To accelerate your research, Arm provides hardware platforms, software development tools, and IP. We also collaborate with academics and industry professionals to advance promising ideas and validate them into technology which is transferred into product engineering teams, or released to the wider Arm ecosystem.

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