Internet of Things Education Kit

Using the Arm mbed IoT Device Platform and Android SDK, teach your students to create smartphone apps and control a mini-robot or a wearable health device. The transformative intersection between the Internet, mobile and sensor technology require skills such as app development and embedded system design using various applications.


Kit specification:

  • A full set of lecture slides, ready for use in a typical 10-12-week undergraduate course (full syllabus below)

  • Lab manual with solutions for faculty. Labs use low cost, powerful hardware boards (donated by partners and subject to availability).
  • Prerequisites: Basics of programming in C/ C++ and assembly, entry level Java programming

Course Aim

To produce students who can specify, design, and program modern connected electronic systems that are based on commodity smartphones and sensor networks


Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding of:
    • Smart phone architecture and technologies
    • Arm-based SoCs: architecture and development
    • Appcessory programming and embedded programming
    • BLE technology
    • Sensor networks and applications
    • IoT fundamentals
  • Intellectual
    • Ability to specify, design and develop a smartphone based networked electronic system, which entails appcessory development, MCU programming, and connected App development
  • Practical
    • Design and implement an appcessory with BLE connectivity using standard mobile application development tools
    • Program an Arm based BLE-connected MCU using mbed development tools.
    • Develop demonstration applications e.g. smartphone-based remote robot control, sensor station etc.



1 Introduction to Internet of Things
2 Arm-based Embedded System Design
3 Arm Cortex-M Processor: Part 1
4 Arm Cortex-M Processor: Part 2
5 Interrupts and Power Consumption
6 Embedded Programming using Mbed
7 Armv7 Architecture
8 Arm Cortex-A9 Processors
9 Smartphones and Appcessory Programming
10 Bluetooth Smart Connectivity
11 Programming BLE using Mbed SDK
12 Connecting Things to the Cloud
13 System Integration
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