Rapid Embedded Systems Design
Education Kit

Learn a quicker and easier way to design embedded systems, and reduce the development cycle for embedded systems, using the industry-standard Arm Mbed API tool and Keil MDK. This course teaches how to accelerate the development of embedded systems and rapidly prototype various embedded applications.


Kit specification:

  • A full set of lecture slides, ready for use in a typical 10-12-week undergraduate course (full syllabus below)

  • Lab manual with solutions for faculty. Labs are based on low-cost but powerful Arm-based hardware platforms donated by partners (subject to availability)
  • Software licenses for the professional Keil MDK-Arm tool
  • Prerequisites: basics of programming

Course Aim

To produce students who can design and program Arm-based embedded systems and implement them using commercial API.


Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and understanding of
    • Arm processor architectures
    • Arm-based microcontrollers as modern embedded computing platforms
    • High-level programming API as a prototype tool for rapid development of embedded applications
  • Intellectual
    • Ability to choose between different programming techniques for embedded system design
    • Ability to evaluate implementation results (e.g. speed, cost, power) and correlate them with the corresponding programming techniques
  • Practical
    • Ability to build an Arm-based embedded system, and program to satisfy given user specifications
    • Ability to use commercial API and tools to accelerate the development cycle of Arm-based embedded systems



1 Introduction to Embedded Systems
2 Introduction to the Mbed Platform
3 The Arm Cortex-M Processor Architecture: Part 1
4 The Arm Cortex-M Processor Architecture: Part 2
5 Introduction to Cortex-M Programming
6 Digital Input and Output
7 Interrupts and Low Power Features
8 Software Libraries: CMSIS and mbed SDK
9 Analog Input and Output
10 Timer and Pulse-Width Modulation
11 Serial Communication
12 Real-Time Operating Systems
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