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Arm is the world's leading technology provider of silicon IP for the intelligent system-on-chips at the heart of billions of devices. Our portfolio of products enable partners to innovate and get-to-market faster on a secure architecture built for performance and power efficiency. Find the right processor IP for your application.

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Supreme performance at optimal power
Powering the most energy-efficient embedded devices
Robust real-time performance
Custom-designed for ultimate performance and specific market needs
Highest performance for machine learning inference
Highest graphics performance for flagship gaming experiences
Higher graphics performance combined with power efficiency
Advanced ISPs for human display and computer vision applications
Scalable and flexible for cloud to edge infrastructure
Fully verified, PPA-optimized, customizable Neoverse compute subsystems
Powerful solutions for physical security applications
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Licensing Plan
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Use Cases

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Mainstream Cortex-M processor with Arm Helium technology.
  • Efficient scalar, ML, and DSP performance for general purpose applications.
  • Arm TrustZone accelerates the route to PSA Certified silicon. 
  • Optional support for Arm Custom Instructions, enabling product differentiation without fragmentation.


The first Armv8-M processor with tamper resistance built in.
  • Added physical resilience and system safety functions won't compromise performance.
  • Includes the option of integrated digital signal processing (DSP).
  • Layers of protection guard against easy attacks and system takeovers.


Ideal blend of real-time determinism, efficiency and security.
  • Simplifies digital signal processing with security.
  • Differentiate your product with TrustZone software isolation.
  • Brings 32-bit performance to even the simplest and cost-sensitive devices.


Smallest and lowest power microcontroller with TrustZone security.
  • Includes built-in security foundation with TrustZone; Memory protection minimizes the of risk unexpected access.
  • Ideal processor for use in energy-harvesting IoT nodes and small sensors.
  • Access at $0 through Arm Flexible Access.


High-performance Cortex-M processor.
  • Simplifies signal processing to bring high-performance DSP to the masses.
  • Built in floating point processing reduces power consumption.
  • Supports innovative MCUs for more intensive automation tasks.


Control and performance for mixed signal devices.
  • Integrated digital signal processing (DSP) simplifies system design.
  • Essential microcontroller features make it ideal for industrial applications.
  • Most widely deployed Cortex-M processor with broad ecosystem.


Exceptional 32-bit performance with low power consumption.
  • Access at $0 through Arm Flexible Access.
  • Commonly used across many smart home devices.
  • Deployed in billions of devices across a broad set of embedded applications.


Small, low-power Cortex-M processor for FPGA devices.
  • Available for a no license fee through DesignStart FPGA.
  • Based on the most proven and trusted embedded architecture.
  • Optimised for FPGA development.


Most energy-efficient Arm processor available.
  • Take advantage of 32-bit processing intelligence at an 8-bit cost.
  • Three highly optimized low power modes conserve energy.
  • Most commonly used in wearables for healthcare, fitness and more.


Smallest Arm processor available.
  • Access at $0 through Arm Flexible Access.
  • Ideal for smart sensors and mixed signal systems-on-chip (SoC).
  • Three highly optimized low power modes conserve energy.
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