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Graphics and Gaming


The global video game industry is growing rapidly and it is expected to the worth over $100 billion dollars by 2018.   This growth is mainly driven by the uptake of gaming on mobile devices.   With a vast ecosystem that’s geared towards producing high performance and low energy devices, ARM® IP is at the heart of innovation in the mobile gaming space. Indeed, ARM Mali graphics processors can be found in many of the top selling mobile devices in the market today including the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and Google’s Nexus 10 tablet.   Mali offers developers a cost efficient, high performance and low energy GPU that ensures fantastic visual experiences.  


Learning how to develop efficient games on mobile platforms is an important skill for engineering graduates. As such, the ARM University Program is addressing this through the creation of Graphics and Gaming Education Kit. The latter covers key topics of this area including:


  • Introduction to Graphics/Gaming
    •  Mobile Gaming
  • Introduction to Graphics Processors 
    •  The MALI GPU from ARM
  • The MALI OpenGL ES SDK 
    • First Android Native Application
    • Introduction to Shaders
    • Graphics Setup
    • Simple Graphics: Triangle,  Cube,  Texture Cube
    • Lighting
    • Normal Mapping
    • Asset Loading
    • Vertex Buffer Objects
    • Android File Loading
  • Using a Game Engine
    • Why use a game engine?
    • A Simple Game Design
    • Design and Architecture
    • Animations
    • Audio
    • 3D effects
  • Advanced Game Design


The full kit includes hardware boards donated by partners, software licenses and a complete set of teaching materials from ARM comprising lecture notes and hands-on experiments with solutions—all available to professors worldwide (subject to a qualification process). To access samples of our teaching materials or to make a full donation request please click on the donation request below.


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