Driving Rapid, Exponential IoT Growth with Arm-based Microcontrollers

To deliver sustainable services at scale and address challenges with fragmentation and diversity across the complete IoT continuum, Arm and our partners are collaborating to establish industry initiatives to rapidly accelerate IoT development and deployment from the endpoints to the cloud. In 2019, Arm and partners established Project Cassini to address the needs for devices based on applications processors across a secure edge ecosystem. Project Centauri is the latest industry-wide strategy for driving rapid, exponential IoT growth on Arm-based microcontrollers.


Bringing security, harmony, and homogeneity to billions of IoT endpoint devices is a daunting task. But by combining foundational standards, security initiatives, and the extensive Arm Cortex-M software ecosystem, Project Centauri will enable software to be leveraged across cloud service providers and the vastly diverse hardware of the embedded edge, accelerating IoT growth and innovation.

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Project Centauri draws upon and includes Arm's rich portfolio of Cortex-M software, bringing together complementary initiatives under a single MCU software strategy. These initiatives have laid the foundation for Arm Total Solutions for IoT, giving the entire value chain foundational standards, such as Open-CMSIS-Pack, secure device management with PSA Certified and Trusted Firmware-M and ecosystem support for use case specific IoT solutions. Silicon partners, ODMs, OEMs, software and OS vendors, system integrators and hyperscalers will all benefit from interchangeable baseline software components that are deployable, updateable, and secure at scale.


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