Build the Future of Computing on Arm

Arm technology scales from the tiniest of sensors to the largest of datacenters, providing power-efficient intelligence upon which transformative applications and business models are built. 

We work with our partners and an extensive ecosystem to deliver leading hardware and software solutions across markets. 




Healthcare technology can help transform healthcare from reactive to proactive, delivering the critical data and clinical insight that can relieve some of the issues faced across the industry. 


Industrial users have led others in the use of connected devices and IoT. In often challenging environments, industrial users require low-power, high-performance, and low-maintenance silicon that can be easily updated.


By 2035, there will likely be a trillion connected devices worldwide, and compute and networking infrastructure will need to fundamentally change to support this growth.

Mobile Computing

Always on, always connected devices, such as laptops and smartphones, increasingly feature powerful artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and machine learning capabilities. Arm IP is driving innovation in these areas and more.

Smart Cities

City officials are examining all the functions they provide—from transportation and energy to street lighting to better cultural spaces—and asking how IoT can transform the urban environment.

Smart Homes

Always-on devices are becoming reality for IoT homes and buildings. These new enhanced and connected everyday objects are now using sensor technology to constantly gather data about the physical world around us. 


Arm technology powers the world’s leading hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). Our verified processors, system IP, and security combined with the world’s largest ecosystem allow our semiconductor partners to meet the needs of their storage applications – both now and for the future.


Removing the barriers to enable smaller, more responsive wearable technology devices requires low-power IP that can provide performance within a size- and power-constrained setting. Secure, flexible processing is critical.

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