A-Profile Architectures

The Arm Application-profile (A-profile) architecture targets high-performance markets, such as PC, mobile, gaming, and enterprise. The latest versions of the A-profile architecture are Armv9-A and Armv8-A.


Armv9-A is a set of extensions to the Armv8-A architecture, and part of a rolling program of substantial enhancements to the architecture to be deployed over the next few years. The goal of these architecture enhancements is to help increase the computing capability in areas such as digital signal processing (DSP) and machine learning (ML), and to continually improve the security and robustness of our systems.

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The Armv8-A architecture introduces the ability to use 64-bit and 32-bit Execution states, known as AArch64 and AArch32 respectively. The AArch64 Execution state supports the A64 instruction set. It holds addresses in 64-bit registers and allows instructions in the base instruction set to use 64-bit registers for their processing.


The AArch32 Execution state is a 32-bit Execution state that preserves backwards compatibility with the Armv7-A architecture, enhancing that profile so that it can support some features included in the AArch64 state. It supports the T32 and A32 instruction sets.

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Explore Arm A-Profile Products

Cortex-A Processor

Cortex-A Processor

The Cortex-A processor series provides a range of solutions for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, such as hosting a rich operating system platform and supporting multiple software applications.

Chip image for Neoverse processor


The Neoverse product family enables next-gen infrastructure products with the broadest range of systems, from power constrained to high-performance compute workloads.

Cortex-X chip image

Cortex-X Custom Program

A partner program that focuses on ultimate performance. Through close collaboration with lead partners, Arm enables ultimate performance on devices.

Other CPU Architectures

Arm Morello Program

Morello Program

Morello is a research program with the potential to radically change the way we design and program processors in the future to improve built-in security.

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