Sparking the World’s Potential

Sparking the World’s Potential is about more than just bringing ideas to life—it’s about inspiring our partners, engineers, and developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible wherever computing happens.

Arm Announces First Armv9 Cortex CPUs

The Foundation of Total Compute

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Preparing for a World Built on Arm

Discover how Arm is creating a future designed by millions of minds with transformational technology delivering improved security, performance, and power efficiency.

Next Generation Neoverse

Arm’s latest infrastructure technology on Armv9 changes the economics and expectations for 5G, cloud, and HPC.

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Infinite Possibility, Trusted Innovation

As Arm inspires innovators and designers of all ages, our vision of infinite possibility is spreading around the world. Hear from our partners on how Arm is shaping and transforming technology.

Transformational Power of Confidential Computing

Experts from Google, Red Hat, Fortanix, NXP and others, discuss confidential computing and the impact of new opportunities unlocked through unique and secure data collaborations at scale. 

Innovation at the Intersection of Hardware and Software

Industry leaders from Azure, Foxconn, Artemis, and others, share perspectives on the technology, tools, and skills that help hardware and software developers innovate fast, whatever the target application.

Advancing the Human Experience

Visionaries from Zoom, RIKEN Supercomputer, UNICEF and others, explore how to harness the power of technology for the latest emerging innovations in healthcare, education, sustainability, and more.

Thumbnail: Arm Confidential Computing Pulse Survey

Confidential Computing: A Pulse Survey on the Future of Security

Securing third-party data has never been more critical. Arm and Pulse surveyed 250 executives to learn how they’re protecting data today and plan to use confidential computing to improve going forward.

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