Transforming Immersive Experiences for Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming is the largest gaming segment by revenue and users, now surpassing the PC and console markets. The latest mobile hardware supports high-fidelity games on the go, but often porting console/PC quality games to mobile can be challenging. Users expect a consistently high frame rate with no lag, making mobile game performance a key design criteria. As a result, smartphone manufacturers face a delicate balance between performance, visual fidelity, and battery life. 

For over 25 years, Arm has been a leading contributor to the mobile gaming industry, developing the technology for mobile devices to run high-quality AAA games dependent on powerful graphics, compute (both single-thread, sustained, and low power), machine learning, and connectivity. 


Mobile Gaming Architecture of Choice

Arm’s high-performance, energy-efficient CPUs and GPUs for premium and mainstream mobile devices help developers deliver mobile games within the right power envelope.  

To ensure gamers have the most immersive mobile gaming experiences, Arm provides tools and resources that help developers optimize games on Arm-based devices. Since 2009, Arm has increased the smartphone’s CPU performance by 100x and GPU performance by 300x, opening up new opportunities for technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Today, Arm technology continues to be one of the key components in transforming the console and PC gaming into a mobile experience.


Game-Changing Opportunities Through 5G

This insightful report examines the new era of 5G mobile networks and how smartphone and mobile gaming markets will evolve as 5G network accessibility increases and more 5G ready smartphones reach the market. Published by Newzoo and commissioned by Arm, this is a must read for anyone interested in how 5G will impact gaming.

The New Reality for Mobile Gaming: The AR/VR Opportunity

Read about the AR and VR technology landscapes, what the future potential is for each on mobile, and how they are helping to drive the growth of mobile devices and gaming.  


Arm collaborates with a broad range of partners to deliver premium gaming experiences on Arm-based devices. 

  • Graphic development tools – develop and analyze OpenGL ES, OpenCL and Vulkan graphics and compute software.
  • Tools – explore content profiling and optimization for developers with limited performance analysis expertise, on commercial handsets.
  • Optimization techniques – make applications more efficient.
  • Developer Education – discover resources (guides, sample code, training) that help leverage the power of the Arm’s Cortex CPUs and  Mali GPUs 
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Optimizing for mobile game design can seem a daunting challenge. Learn more about how Arm supports mobile gaming and can help you bring your business model to life.

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