Engineering Mobile Computing Technology for the Future

Innovation and consumer demand for new experiences are driving mobile technology trends in devices such as smartphones, laptops, and wearables. Consumers want mobile devices that feature the most powerful and immersive computing, including advanced AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), constant connectivity and 5G capabilities.


Arm offers a broad range of IP, software and tools to support these advanced compute requirements so developers, semiconductor companies and OEMs can quickly respond to consumer demands for innovative digital immersion experiences on mobile devices.

Engineering a New Mobile Reality with Arm IP

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Driving Digital Immersion on Mobile

Deliver Enhanced Experiences

As trends evolve, new device use-cases and experiences are requiring more complex compute workloads. Arm provides the IP that enables devices to deliver advanced digital immersion experiences, from superior video, XR, and mobile gaming to improved productivity through 5G-ready, always-connected smartphones and laptops.

Design for Performance and Extended Power

Arm IP provides the high performance needed for complex and compute-intensive digital immersion workloads, while balancing efficiency and long battery life on devices with new innovative form factors and designs.

Support ML Advances 

Demands for ML performance increase each year, improving popular real-world applications and use cases, such as social media filters, translation and face unlock. Arm IP enables ML use-cases at endpoint rather than the cloud, providing key privacy and security benefits. 

Smartphone Innovation Changing Lives

Today’s smartphone acts as a hub for everything we do – health and fitness, banking, shopping, entertainment, and more. Arm has always been at the center of this innovation, with more than 95 percent of the world’s smartphones built on our IP. Arm pushes the boundaries of performance, while ensuring optimal power and energy efficiency, and enabling new form factors. The Arm architecture supports new and improved experiences made possible through the high speeds, reduced latency and high bandwidth of 5G. These include more advanced digital immersion, such as XR, gaming, and AI.

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Laptops More Like Smartphones

The lines between compute devices are blurring. Consumers now expect their laptop devices to be ‘always-on, always-connected’ just like their smartphones. The latest premium laptop devices have built-in modems for constant connectivity, and extended battery life of 20 to 30 hours. Arm builds solutions for laptops that enable LTE features, and help prepare for the next wave of 5G connectivity for true productivity on the go.

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Powering Next-Gen AR/VR Experiences

The ongoing AR and VR explosion demonstrates the power and potential of immersion experiences and is leading to a whole new wave of digital immersion on our devices. Arm technology powers next-gen AR/VR-capable devices, from new wearable devices to new AR and VR experiences on smartphones.

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AI on Mobile Devices

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform all computing applications, touching most industries, technology sectors, and markets, including smartphones and laptops. For years, the smart in smartphone has been based on Arm technology, and now Arm-based AI provides the essential IP, best-in-class tools, algorithms and applications needed to deploy the next-generation of intelligent devices. For endpoint AI, Arm high-performant IP enables the processing of AI and ML workloads on devices rather than the cloud, easing privacy and security concerns for users. 

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Enabling High-Fidelity Mobile Gaming

Arm continues to be a leading contributor to the mobile gaming industry, which is the largest gaming segment by revenue and users, surpassing the PC and console markets. Arm develops the technology in our leading Mali GPUs and optimization tools that enables mobile devices to run high-quality AAA games and to provide desktop-type experiences on mobile.

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Pioneering Security on Mobile

Arm continues its rich history in pioneering security on mobile with TrustZone technology used in billions of devices worldwide. As a result, Arm helps protect against all security threats, not just on the device but across the entire ecosystem.

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Report and eBook Spotlight

The New Reality for Mobile Gaming: The AR/VR Opportunity

Read about the AR and VR technology landscapes, the future potential for each on mobile, and how they are helping to drive the growth of mobile devices and gaming.

Transform System-on-Chip Design with Total Compute

Start your journey to holistic SoC design with this essential eBook for engineers and developers. Whether it's virtual reality, mobile gaming or video streaming, Total SoC Compute for Dummies will help you in your quest to deliver immersive digital experiences.

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Cortex-A CPU

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Security IP

Security IP

Arm security IP is a comprehensive security solution that enables silicon vendors to keep up-to-date with digital security requirements and protect target use cases. It is used in addition to the TrustZone technology, creating a system-wide approach to security.

Mobile Computing Innovation on Arm

New Arm IP Delivers True Digital Immersion for the 5G Era

Our next-generation mobile solution will result in unimagined new user experiences that will push the limits of performance and efficiency on our computing devices like never before.

A Total Compute Approach to Delivering Digital Immersion

Total Compute represents a new approach to IP design focusing on use-case driven optimized system solutions.