Second-Generation Total Compute Solutions Redefine Visual Experiences with Immortalis  

As mobile computing expands into every aspect of our lives, new, more compute-intensive use cases and visual experiences on top consumer devices are rising every year, performing tasks we could only dream of in the past.

Arm offers a broad range of IP, software, tools, and standards to support these advanced compute requirements and shape the visual experiences of tomorrow through our second-generation Total Compute Solutions (TCS22). These address all consumer-device markets, offering different levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability for specialized compute on Arm.

The Best Experiences Live Forever on Immortalis

TCS22 features the new Arm flagship GPU, Immortalis-G715, for gaming performance unleashed, delivering ultimate gaming experiences on next-generation flagship smartphones.

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Bring Mobile Experiences to Life with 2nd Generation Total Compute Solutions

Join this webinar to learn about the new IP and upgrades to Arm’s Total Compute Solutions, alongside the latest security, software, and tool support for developers.

Deliver Ultimate Gaming Performance with Arm Immortalis GPU

Join this webinar for a detailed examination of the latest graphics features made possible by Immortalis-G715, including hardware-based ray tracing support for more realistic and immersive mobile gaming experiences.

Sparking the Potential of Mobile Computing

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Total Compute Solutions Powering the Next Decade of Mobile Computing

A solution-focused approach that spans across Arm technology components to include hardware IP, physical IP, software, tools, and standards.


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Cortex-X Custom Program

A partner program that focuses on ultimate performance. Through close collaboration with lead partners, Arm enables ultimate performance on devices.

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The Basis for a Solution Approach

Armv9 Architecture

Armv9-A supports the 128-bit wide fixed-length vector extensions first seen in Armv7 and Armv8. SVE2 goes further to provide variable length vectors, enabling vector length agnostic programming for enhanced application performance on mobile computing devices.

Arm’s Total Compute Strategy

Total Compute is the evolution from a product focus to use-case driven solutions. It adopts a holistic system approach that ensures compute platforms can seamlessly and securely handle the workloads of tomorrow—even with the proliferation of more devices, use cases and killer apps that require powerful compute resources. 

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Arm DevSummit 2022

The best mobile experiences are being built on Arm through solutions that are defining the future of mobile computing. Arm is everywhere—smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming, headsets, and more. Get the insights and edge you need to optimize for whatever devices you choose.

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