Building a Foundation for the Future of IoT with Arm

Your next IoT idea is only an implementation away but navigating the IoT landscape can seem complex. Arm is here for you, thanks to our 30-years, 1,000+ partners and 180 billion chips-worth of experience in providing IP and enabling software platforms. Our role is to enable you to make that big IoT idea a reality and a success.

How can we help? What will it take to build the trillion device-strong network of networks we imagine? For a start, we provide easy access to an unparalleled range of processor designs which has made Arm the leading architecture for IoT and embedded devices. You can benefit from our unmatched efficient processing capability, including AI-enhanced endpoint intelligence, end-to-end security and scalable solutions. For software developers, our development platforms and tools support a huge range of workloads, devices and clouds, making it easier and more efficient for you to create future devices. With an ecosystem of over 300 software partners, we are ready to accelerate your product journey wherever you want to make compute happen.

From the smallest, power-constrained endpoints to global compute platforms spanning the edge of the network, Arm and our global ecosystem of partners can meet all of your needs.

Building the IoT

Every day, Arm is powering new IoT applications and business models across industries that are delivering value, improving operational efficiencies, providing growth opportunities and transforming lives.

Case Studies
Products Transforming the IoT
Wearable Health Tracker Ring

Never has the option for in-home health monitoring been more critical to ensuring patient care. Powered by an Arm Cortex-M microcontroller, the MegaRing is a medical pulse oximeter that can be worn on a finger to continuously monitor heart rate, oxygen saturation, sleep patterns, and movement.

Industrial IoT Gateways

Arm Project Cassini is an industry-wide initiative creating a unified approach to platforms and security, validated with cloud-native edge software. See how Advantech is building on Project Cassini to build an IoT edge gateway to manage data acquisition, analysis, and reaction in an agricultural greenhouse.

Cloud Connected On-Device AI Vision

Toradex, NXP Semiconductors and Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined forces to create the Apalis iMX8 (AI) Embedded Vision Starter Kit to help simplify the development of computer vision and machine learning solutions for IoT devices at the edge.

Alphatronics Cleans up Waste Management

Learn how Alphatronics supports cellular connectivity standards to provide low cost, low-power connectivity in rural locations without wired access to communications or electricity.

Developer Resources
Explore resources, tools and software to help you get started on your software application.
The Latest News in IoT
The Fifth Wave of Computing: AI, 5G + IoT

Arm CEO Simon Segars explains how the convergence of three emergent technologies is fueling incredible change.

Arm and Microsoft: Accelerating AI Innovation for IoT Devices

Optimize the developer experience with streamlined, scalable tools that put creativity first.

Ensuring a Cloud Native Experience Across a Secure Arm-based Edge Ecosystem

As today’s networks transform into intelligent compute domains, Project Cassini helps organizations stay ahead of technology demands in a connected world.

Arm Technology Moves Compute Closer to Data

Arm is enabling compute as close as possible to where data is generated, reducing latency to maximize time-to-value of the data.

IoT Technologies
 Enabling Technologies for Your Next IoT Device
Are You a Silicon Engineer Designing for the IoT?

Arm Flexible Access provides quick access to Arm technology for the freedom to innovate. Jumpstart the concept-to-connectivity journey with proven Arm IP, support, tools and training for developing IoT systems.

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