Arm is at the Center of the IoT Revolution

Arm technology powered the smartphone revolution, and now it’s helping power the internet of things. With an unparalleled range of processor designs, development tools and software, and a world-leading ecosystem of partners that enable AI and end-to-end security, Arm technology is the industry standard for IoT and embedded devices.


Embedded devices with a feature-rich OS are powered by Arm


Software partners in the Arm ecosystem


Billion Arm-based chips shipped to date

Rapid Time to Market for IoT Products

Together with our partners, Arm provides the technologies and solutions required to address the challenges in IoT development, unlocking faster time to market and value.

IoT Forrester Report

A recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting has identified three important considerations for decision-makers to ensure IoT success. This report offers insight into these challenges and provides key recommendations to help accelerate the development of IoT-enabled devices.

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AI for IoT Devices

Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with enhanced processing at the IoT endpoint opens up a whole new world of innovative opportunities for developers. Applying these technologies lets businesses maximize insights from even the smallest, power-constrained, connected devices.

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Comprehensive Foundation for IoT Development

Whether you’re trying to streamline your business, connect billions of people or save the planet, Arm provides the products, physical implementation, tools, training, and software you need to transform an idea into a secure, market-leading device.

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IoT News Spotlight

In the Race to Realize the IoT There is No Need to Run Alone

Arm and our world-leading ecosystem can help you address the challenges of IoT development and deployment.

Arm Enables Secure Computer Vision for Smart Cameras

Increasing advances in image processing, heterogeneous compute and cloud services enables smart cameras that are more capable than ever.

Armv9: The Future of Specialized Compute

Find out how the Armv9 architecture will enhance our capabilities to provide secure AI-driven computing for our partners and drive innovation.

Raspberry Pi RP2040: Our Microcontroller for the Masses

Raspberry Pi COO James Adams shares how they designed the custom chip found at the heart of the Pico using Arm Flexible Access.