Bringing the Benefits of ADAS to More Vehicles

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) matter. Over 1.3 million people are killed in road traffic accidents globally every year and research suggests that human error is a major contributing factor. ADAS capabilities, such as automatic emergency braking, lane and highway assistance, and driver monitoring, help make our roads safer and save lives.

Arm and our world-leading ecosystem of partners work with automotive OEMs to bring advanced safety and driver assistance technologies to more vehicles, by providing cost-sensitive, high-performance image processing and software-defined heterogeneous compute for future-proofed ADAS designs.

The Evolution of ADAS Systems

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Increasing global demand for enhanced driver safety, comfort, and convenience is transforming ADAS systems. Understanding this evolution can provide valuable insight into how technology requirements are changing, helping to inform key business decisions and approaches.

This report authored by Strategy Analytics delves into the crucial factors steering current ADAS capabilities and the trends and potential opportunities for future ADAS development.

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Driving Automotive Safety and Functionality Forward

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ADAS technologies are becoming more commonplace, providing automotive OEMs with the opportunity to create vehicles which fulfil upcoming regulatory and New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) demands and include innovative features and comfort functions.

See how the combination of powerful, energy-efficient safety-enabled Arm processing and robust perception software from our ecosystem partner, Brodmann17, delivers scalable and economical solutions that enable increasingly capable ADAS systems – showcased in a new demo vehicle.

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The Growth of Software-Defined Functionality

Software-Defined Future

The rise of electrification, ADAS technologies, and the associated digitization of the car have catapulted the possibilities for software-defined vehicles (SDV). Learn more about the new design paradigms driving the SDV concept and the challenges the industry faces to make this a reality.

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Case Studies

Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

AI-Powered Software with Emotion3D

Find out how emotion3D uses Arm CPUs to create AI-powered in-cabin monitoring software to improve driving safety.

Functional Safety in ADAS SoC Design with Dream Chip

Learn how to accelerate SoC design for ADAS applications, while minimizing the risk of systematic faults.

Autonomous and ADAS with Brodmann17

See how combining Brodmann17 software with Arm Safety Ready IP provides scalable robust perception.

ADAS Solutions

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ADAS Resources Spotlight

Removing the Roadblocks to Mass ADAS Adoption

Enhancing Time-critical Automotive Designs with Arm Cortex-R52+

Future-Proof Vision Systems for ADAS


An Ecosystem of Trust

Arm partners offer technologies to service the compute needs of the whole car, including advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems. These partners provide facilitate the efficient development of automotive solutions with silicon and software products.

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