Resources for Schools (K-12)

Our teaching and learning resources help teachers deliver engaging and inspirational lessons in Computing using physical computing devices, such as the micro:bit. Applying the Arm School Program’s project-based learning pedagogical approach, the resources encourage learners to develop soft STEM skills, such as creativity and resilience, while gaining the skills and knowledge needed for exam success.


To learn about the Arm School Program approach, download our brochure here.

EdX: Introduction to Microprocessors

Take your first steps with computer architecture in our new course, presented by Arm engineers.

EdX: Teaching with Physical Computing

Professional development program for teaching with micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi through project-based learning.

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Arduino Projects for Schools

A hands-on introduction to microcontrollers, the internet of things and data science. Ages 11-18.

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Raspberry Pi Pico Projects for Schools

Raspberry Pi Pico Projects for Schools: Explore cutting-edge topics in Computing, including ML and IoT. Ages 16-18.

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Computing on micro:bit

Interactive activities and engaging projects with MakeCode as the programming interface. Ages 7-14.

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Robotics and IoT

Projects use micro:bits and peripherals to create autonomous cars and smart cities. Ages 11-16.

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Programming with MicroPython

Introduction to programming in MicroPython on a micro:bit. Ages 11-16.


An introductory book of projects guiding learners from first plugging in their micro:bit to programming in Python. Suitable for all ages, and now available for micro:bit v2!

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Smart Schools on Arduino

Accessible and engaging projects based on the more advanced features of Arduino in real-world contexts. Ages 11-18.

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Computing for International Schools

A complete curriculum covering grades 5 to 7 based on a project-based learning approach using micro:bits and MicroPython. Ages 9-12.

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Computational Thinking Tasks

Resources for the UK GCSE on computer science computational thinking, with interactive activities. Ages 14-16.

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Arm School Program on YouTube

Our two playlists support learning at home and in the classroom. Download activity sheets for Introduction to Computing with Micro:bit here and for Introduction to MicroPython here.