Raspberry Pi Pico Projects for Schools

Explore cutting-edge topics in Computing, including Machine Learning and Internet of Things. Ages 16-18.






Resource Aim

This book guides learners through a range of projects, contextualised by cutting-edge themes including Machine Learning and Internet of Things. All projects are based on the Raspberry Pi Pico board, a cheap yet powerful device, which can be programmed in Python.  


Learning Outcomes

    • To explore artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques
    • To program a Pico using Python
    • To use and apply code from Github
    • To understand and apply Computer Science theory such as finite state machines and two’s complement
    • To use internet services to push data to visualisation services for interrogation
    • To learn and apply Computer Science techniques and theory using Jupyter notebooks
    • To use a vision sensor to respond to facial recognition triggers
    • To build a full physical device to solve a real-world problem

Resource Structure

The book is separated into distinct projects that introduce concepts and techniques required to achieve the projects goals. The projects build in complexity.


  1. Getting Started – this project introduces the Pico and all the hardware and applications needed
  2. Displaying Environmental Data – this project introduces data collection, storage and display
  3. Analysing Environmental Data – this project introduces Jupyter notebooks and data analysis
  4. The I in IoT – this project connects up the various elements needed for an IoT network
  5. Data Science for managing well-being – this project captures physical data and interrogates the data to make assertions and predictions regarding well-being
  6. Accessing data remotely – this project looks at how IoT technology can be used in Operational Technology in your home
  7. Experimenting with Physics - this project measures 'time of flight' and guides you in building a model from the data
  8. Security starts at home – this project introduces facial recognition concepts and techniques
  9. Bringing it all together – this is the capstone project where learners build an automated bird feeder that identifies and deters squirrels


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