Responsible for All Aspects of IO Memory Management

A system memory management unit (SMMU) handles all aspects of IO memory management, including address translation caching and hardware driven memory page table walks. It enforces memory protection and access, and is designed for use in a virtualized system where multiple guest operating systems are managed by a hypervisor.

Features and Benefits

Virtualized Accelerators for Intense Work Offloads

Arm SMMUs provide scalable, high-performance IO accelerators to be used in virtualized edge-to-cloud platforms. Arm’s MMU-700 supports custom on-die accelerators with Root Complex integrated endpoint virtualization.

Optimized for Virtualization

Arm offers a high-performance path to memory and enables heterogeneous solutions that blend compute and acceleration to provide the optimal platform for virtualized workloads.

Linux Support

Arm CoreLink SMMU and GIC are supported on the main open source Linux platform and the latest architecture provides further enhancement to IO virtualization.

Automotive Safety Ready

Arm offers CoreLink GIC-600AE and MMU-600AE, designed to enable high-performance systems for automotive use cases, targeting ASIL B to ASIL D safety integrity levels.

The System Memory Management Unit Family

Use Cases

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Arm technology is used in various applications throughout the car including Advanced driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.


A cloud-to-edge infrastructure allows businesses to leverage new technologies across high-bandwidth networks, unlock opportunities, and improve efficiency and security.

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