Highly Scalable and Efficient Second-Generation ML Inference Processor

Build premium AI solutions at low cost in multiple market segments

Arm’s second-generation, highly scalable and efficient NPU, the Ethos-N78 enables new immersive applications with a 2.5x increase in single-core performance now scalable from 1 to 10 TOP/s and beyond through many-core technologies. It provides flexibility to optimize the ML capability with 90+ configurations.

Features and Benefits

Increased Performance

Improves user experience with 2.5x increased single-core performance scalable from 1 to 10 TOP/s and beyond through many-core technologies.

Improved Efficiency

Up to 40 percent lower DRAM bandwidth (MB/Infr) and up to 25 percent increase in efficiency (inf/s/mm2) enables demanding neural networks to be run in diverse solutions.

Extended Configurability

Target multiple markets with the flexibility to optimize ML capabilities with 90+ configurations and the Ethos-N Static Performance Analyzer.

Unified Software and Tools

Develop, deploy, and debug with the Arm AI platform using online or offline compilation and Arm Development Studio 5 Streamline.

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Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Consumers want a range of mobile devices, from smartphones to laptops to PCs, that feature immersive computing with powerful AI, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and ML capabilities. Arm offers a broad range of IP that lets developers, SiPs, and OEMs address these increasingly complex requirements.

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Ethos-N78 Resources

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