Google Cloud Tau T2A VMs with Arm-based Ampere Altra Processors

Exceptional Single-Threaded Performance at a Compelling Price for Modern Cloud Workloads

Arm-based Google Cloud Tau T2A VMs deliver choice and efficiency for customers running scale-out workloads like web servers, containerized microservices, data-logging processing, media transcoding, and large-scale Java applications.

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Arm Welcomes Google Cloud Customers 

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Integration

GKE is the leading platform for organizations looking for advanced container orchestration. It delivers the highest levels of reliability, security, and scalability, and supports T2A nodes, for getting the most out of containerized workloads.

Broad OS Support

T2A VMs support the most popular Linux operating systems, such as RHEL, CentOS, Ubunu, and Rocky Linux. In addition, T2A VMs support container-optimized OS to bring up Docker containers quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Google Batch Support

Users can run batch jobs on T2A instances to optimize the cost of running EDA, HPC, and other workloads.

Dataflow Support 

Dataflow is a fully managed streaming analytics service that minimizes latency, processing time, and cost through autoscaling and batch processing. Customers can use T2A VMs with their dataflow workloads.

Google Cloud Arm-based Tau T2A VMs

Powered by Ampere® Altra® Arm-based processors, T2A VMs deliver exceptional single-threaded performance at a compelling price. Tau T2A VMs come in multiple predefined VM shapes, with up to 48 vCPUs per VM, and 4GB of memory per vCPU. They offer up to 32 Gbps of networking bandwidth and a wide range of network attached storage options, making Tau T2A VMs ideal for scale-out workloads, including web servers, containerized microservices, data-logging processing, media transcoding, and large-scale Java applications.

Works on Arm

To help developers get started, Google is joining the Works on Arm initiative to provide customers, ISV, and ecosystem partners access to Google Cloud VMs.

Arm and Google: Building a Modern Cloud

Learn more about how Google is optimizing containers and Kubernetes for Arm Neoverse.

Arm Technology and Tools for Cloud Computing

Neoverse N1

A high-performance platform optimized for cloud-native server workloads operating at top compute efficiency with processing at the edge for increased scalability.

CoreLink CMN-600


Reduce SoC integration time with a coherent mesh network optimized for a wide range of applications, including networking infrastructure, storage, server, HPC, automotive, and industrial solutions.

Works on Arm

The Works on Arm initiative offers free-of-cost access to platforms and instances across the ecosystem and is a valuable resource for developers innovating on Arm.

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