The Evolution of Car Cockpit and IVI Systems

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Vehicle cockpits are changing dramatically, with automakers employing increasingly advanced features to meet consumer demands for connectivity, safety, and future mobility. The Arm architecture is a key enabler of automotive technology, with more than 90 percent of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and many under-the-hood applications powered by Arm-based chips, including meter cluster, HVAC control, and side- or rear-view mirrors.

Take a look at our report with Strategy Analytics for an insight into which cockpit and IVI features consumers are looking forward to in new vehicles, and the technologies required to support them.

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Then, Now and the Future of the Digital Cockpit

Click the hotspots to see the evolution of the vehicle cockpit, including how advanced processing capabilities have changed, and the recommended Arm solution for each application.

The Growth of Software-Defined Functionality

Rising demand for advanced in-vehicle infotainment and cockpit features have catapulted the growth for software-defined vehicles (SDV). Find out about the new design paradigms enabling the SDV concept and the challenges facing the industry to make this a reality.

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Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

Certified, Safety-Critical Graphics with CoreAVI

Assure functionally safe, reliable, high-performance displays for automotive use cases through proven system design and certification techniques.

Heads-up Displays (HUD) for Cars with Apostera

A mixed reality HUD providing navigation and infotainment and optimized for high performance on Arm-based automotive SoCs using Streamline Performance Analyzer software.

High-Reliability UI for the Automotive Industry with DiSTI

The DiSTI GL Studio offers software developers a user interface (UI) tool to accelerate the development of graphics for HUDs and IVI solutions.

Arm for Automotive Startups

Together with our unique partner ecosystem, Arm provides startups and potential investors the confidence needed to translate a transformational idea from inspiration into production. See how Arm supports automotive startups with free access to IP, support, tools, and our software ecosystem.

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Digital Cockpit Solutions

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Microcontrollers are the Heartbeat of the Modern Vehicle

Innovation for the Future of Automotive

Innovation for the Future of Automotive

Explore some of the demonstrations at CES that take advantage of Arm technology and provide a valuable glimpse of automotive innovation on Arm.

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Learn more about how Arm technology powers the digital cockpit for the latest driver displays and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

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An Ecosystem of Trust

Arm partners offer technologies to service the compute needs of the whole car, including advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems. These partners facilitate the efficient development of automotive solutions with silicon and software products.

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