The Most Widely Used Low-Power Processor

The Arm Cortex-A processor series is designed for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, such as hosting a rich operating system platform and supporting multiple software applications. Built as a low-power processor with 64-bit capabilities, the Cortex-A53 processor is applicable in a range of devices requiring high performance in power-constrained environments.

Features and Benefits

Broad Market Application

Gain high efficiency and versatility with Cortex-A53, a good processor choice for high single thread and FPU/Neon performance for a wide range of applications such as mobile, DTV, automotive, networking, storage, and aerospace.

Proven and Shipping in High Volumes

The Cortex-A53 is the most widely deployed 64-bit Armv8-A processor.

Improved Efficiency and Integration

The Cortex-A53 processor delivers significantly more performance than its predecessors at a higher level of power efficiency.

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The Cortex-A53 processor has one to four cores, each with an L1 memory system and a single shared L2 cache. It can be combined with other Cortex-A CPUs in a big.LITTLE configuration.

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Use Cases

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As the driving experience becomes more and more connected, vehicle infotainment systems that enable music players, GPS, and in-car social media connectivity are increasingly in demand.

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