NevadaNano develops and manufacturers Microelectromechanical systems-based sensor modules and subsystems for a wide array of commercial and government applications. Its groundbreaking MPS Flammable Gas sensor replaces catalytic bead sensors and nondispersive infrared and can be deployed for up to 10 years with no calibration. The MEMS sensors are small, low cost, support unattended operation, and can detect a broad range of chemical threats in the air.

Its flagship MPS sensor is commercially available to help protect people, buildings, and the environment with chemical sensing technology for flammable gas, methane gas, and new refrigerant gases. In each case, the MPS sensor delivers an accurate account of the air composition, and provides accurate chemical analysis, whether for first responders or environmental threat detection. When the concentration exceeds a predetermined threshold, the MPS sensor triggers an alert to warn workers, employees, or residents.


Featured Technology



MPS Flammable Gas sensor modules and subsystems are based on MEMS technology for low cost and long life.



The STMicroelectronics STM32L432 class microcontroller and software suite is ideal for its small area, low cost, and lower power capabilities.

Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-M4 

Using the Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU processor allows NevadaNano to explore, optimize and update its sensing algorithms, which include both traditional DSP techniques as well as tinyML techniques for adaptive learning all on device.

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