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Autonomous decision making will be the predominant new workload for the next era of computing. It will change the way we live and transform multiple markets, including automotive and industrial. This will not be an overnight transformation – it will be a journey.


In the video below, the Arm team explains how we’re accelerating this journey with brand new technology that offers the crucial stepping stones to help build confidence in autonomous devices. See how new CPU, GPU, and ISP technology for safety-critical systems enhances ADAS and IVI capabilities in vehicles and enables more intelligent, configurable production lines in factories as we move closer to autonomous decision making.


Autonomous Decision Making

The Predominant New Workload for the Next Era of Computing

Computing is undergoing its most significant paradigm shift in decades as it moves to support autonomous decision making workloads that can enhance functional utility and human safety. The journey to autonomous is not an overnight transformation, but as the value of autonomy along the way increases, so will our work and leisure productivity. Only a flexible, scalable heterogeneous compute solution can address the range of process capabilities for complex and different workloads in a power efficient way.

Trends and Challenges of Autonomous Compute Workloads

Autonomous workloads, supported by AI and other innovative technologies, are predicted to become the most pervasive workloads across the automotive and industrial sectors. Download these deep dives for valuable insights into the trends, technologies, and applications for autonomous workloads today and for the future.

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Products to Accelerate Autonomous Workloads

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With the flexibility to run different workloads concurrently and a 30% performance uplift compared to its predecessor, Cortex-A78AE offers the scalable, heterogeneous compute required for complex automated driving systems. 



This highly scalable GPU enables configurable workload separation and virtualization. Mali-G78AE is designed to the IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 safety standards for industrial and automotive applications respectively, and is ASIL B/SIL-2 safety-capable.



As an advanced high-performance ISP, Mali-C71AE delivers key visual information to both computer vision (CV) systems and human display for clear and convenient viewing. Mali-C71AE is the first Arm ISP with built-in features for functional safety.

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Arm Cortex-A78AE: On the Road to an Autonomous Future

Mali-G78AE: Arm's First High-Performance GPU with Functional Safety

Arm Mali-C71AE: High-Performance Image Signal Processing with Advanced Safety

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New Arm Technologies Enable Safety-Capable Computing Solutions for an Autonomous Future

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