Mobile System Design

The mobile computing market incorporates devices such as smartphones, laptops, wearables, and eXtended Reality (XR). The advanced range of Arm Cortex-A processors power these devices, with the Arm A-profile architecture as the underlying foundation to each processor. This overview of Arm system architecture specifications for the mobile computing market focuses on three key areas:


System architecture for SoC design | Software standards | Security

System Architecture for SoC Design

Successful SoC implementation requires attention to integration and system architecture. Arm offers SoC standardization and system architecture in key areas, including interconnect standards, security implementation, and power control integration.

Software Standards

The use of software standards and their adoption by OS and standard firmware vendors provides common interfaces. This eases integration and reduces the per-implementation cost of ownership.


Building on Arm TrustZone technology, our security documentation is part of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) program and provides the foundations for trusted execution environments.