A Transformative Approach to SoC Design

Accelerate Compute Performance, Enhance Security and Improve Developer Access

The digital experience is evolving. These experiences are becoming richer—more interactive, more intuitive and far more immersive. That means faster, more fulfilling, and more intelligent experiences for users that are customized around them and their needs. But it also equates to more advanced, complex, and demanding multi-compute workloads—especially when it comes to cutting-edge XR, gaming, viewing, and AI-based experiences. To realize these requirements, there needs to be a massive shift in the approach to SoC design.


Arm’s Total Compute strategy is a blueprint for that shift, moving from a product evolution focus to use case driven solutions. It adopts a holistic system approach that ensures compute platforms can seamlessly and securely handle the workloads of tomorrow—even with the proliferation of more devices, use cases and killer apps that require powerful compute resources.

By accelerating compute performance, providing improved developer access and expanding security through greater protections across the ecosystem, we can deliver digital immersion use-cases and experiences on future devices.

A Closer Look

Three Key Principles of Total Compute

Total Compute
Compute Performance

Provide the performance, efficiency and AI capabilities required for the next generation of devices.


Defense-in-depth for protection across the entire ecosystem.

Developer Access
Developer Access

Improved accessibility and increased performance across software and tools.

Start Your Journey to Holistic SoC Design

Total SoC Compute for Dummies

Start your journey to holistic SoC design for immersive digital experiences with this essential eBook for engineers and developers.

Engineering for Tomorrow’s Workloads

Learn more about the future technical requirements on consumer devices and how Arm Total Compute will ensure processor technology is ready for this next wave of innovation.

Use Cases

Where Total Compute Will Drive Innovation and Bring New Ideas to Life


The ongoing XR (AR and VR) revolution demonstrates the power and potential of truly immersive experiences in specialty systems and devices.

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AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are expanding and defining more applications than ever before, changing how we interact with technology everywhere.

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Gaming is a popular use case on today’s consumer devices, with Arm technology enabling high-fidelity core gaming experiences on mobile.

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Smartphones are at the center of our digital lives, delivering our most dynamic, immersive experiences. But meaningful increases in compute performance could enhance these experiences even further.

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Performance Analysis Tools for Developers

Arm Development Studio is a suite of tools for interrogating hardware counters and further optimizing systems for complex and graphics-based applications.


Arm Mobile Studio offers free mobile app development tools for manual analysis of app performance across mobile devices.