Save Significant System Bandwidth and Power

AFBC is a lossless image compression protocol and format that addresses the difficulty of creating increasingly complex designs within the thermal limit of a mobile device. Video post processing is highly bandwidth-intensive and the GPU often must read a video and apply effects when using video streams as textures in 2D or 3D scenes. Such uses can reduce the overall system-level bandwidth and power cost of transferring spatially coordinated image data throughout the system by up to 50 percent. AFBC minimizes the amount of data transferred between IP blocks within a SoC with lossless compression ratios among leading standards and the benefit of fine grained random access. This allows for the application of AFBC throughout other IP blocks within an SoC design.

Features and Benefits
Lossless Compression Format

The format preserves original image exactly (bit exact), and compression ratios are comparable to other lossless compression standards.

YUB and RGB Formats Supported

AFBC includes support for both YUV and RGB formats with a typical YUV compression ratio of 50 percent.

Supported in Mali IP

Support for current and future Mali IP spans across GPU, video and display processors, and is licensable for integration with third-party media IP.

Area Efficient

AFBC can be added at zero area cost.

Reduced Energy Consumption

AFBC reduces the SoC energy consumption due to a significant reduction in bandwidth.

Talk with an Expert

Reducing bandwidth can lead to important power savings, depending on the design of your SoC. Talk to an Arm expert about what solutions will help reduce overall SoC power.

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