The Proven Path to Custom Silicon Success

Whether you are a seasoned silicon developer or a product designer looking for a complete solution to replace existing discrete components, we offer the world’s most proven IP and the industry’s most robust system-on-chip (SoC) development resources. From simulation to emulation, FPGA prototyping and bring-up, here is where you will find the right services and tools to design and validate your Arm-based SoC and achieve custom SoC success.

The Fastest Route to Custom Silicon

Designing a custom SoC or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) can be simplified by following these five key steps. Watch this video to learn how Arm can help you get from concept to silicon quickly and with the right support you need.

Arm DesignStart

Why Arm for Custom SoCs?

Arm offers a comprehensive solution of industry-proven Arm Cortex processors, Corstone foundation IP, development tools and software, and Artisan Physical IP for the ideal compute platform. Whether you are looking to create a chip from scratch, or looking for a complete turnkey solution — Arm and ecosystem partners can help every step of the way with specific products, tools and services.

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Designing Your Chip In-House: DesignStart

Speed up IP access and system design with a wide range of support, services and software tools from the world’s largest technology ecosystem with Arm DesignStart.

Outsource Some or all of Your Chip Design: Arm Approved Design Partners

Access a global network of Arm Approved Design Partners who have a wealth of experience in Arm-based designs and can help with some of your design needs, even full turnkey solutions. No matter your technical expertise, you can get the right level of design support you need from the Arm Approved Design Partners.

Considering an FPGA design? Access DesignStart FPGA

Take advantage of a faster-time-to-market, flexibility and
reusability with DesignStart FPGA. Access the Arm Cortex-M1
and Cortex-M3 CPUs for free and no royalties.

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