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Developing scientific applications for global issues, such as drug discovery, climate forecasts, and grid management, requires diverse, complex, and often urgent exascale workloads. National laboratories such as SiPearl (Europe), ETRI (Republic of Korea) and MEITY/C-DAC (India) have adopted Arm Neoverse V1 for HPC because it delivers the AI performance, energy efficiency, and design flexibility needed to achieve their goals in a sustainable, economic manner.

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Nvidia's Grace CPU Superchips are the first Arm Neoverse-based devices designed specifically for HPC, hyperscale and AI workloads, showing what is possible through the tight coupling of Neoverse CPUs as well as high-performance accelerators and memory systems.

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Innovations Ignited by Neoverse

Industry leaders share their thoughts and experiences on the advantages of Arm-based technology.

Neoverse V1 CPU

Designed for Performance, Parallelism and Compatibility

Neoverse V1 was designed with two goals in mind: to provide designers with a platform for achieving the impossible while minimizing the time, cost and independent development needed to get there. Features such as Scalable Vector Extension and CMN-700 mesh interconnect, deliver extreme performance while giving designers the flexibility and freedom to experiment. Neoverse V1 designs can be customized, but remain compatible with mainstream OSes, libraries, compilers, middleware and debug and profiling tools.

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HPC Use Cases Around the World



Arm-based HPC delivers accelerated CFD and crash-simulations with improved performance for more detailed experimentation and increased accuracy.

Electronic Design Automation

From design to simulation and verification to functional safety, Arm-based HPC provides the performance and efficiency needed in the EDA process.


Simulation models can be finetuned and iterated upon quickly thanks to reliable software stacks and ecosystems, including compilers, toolchains and math libraries optimized for Arm Neoverse.


Arm-based HPC helps researchers develop therapies to improve the heath of humans, animals and agriculture.

University Research

Arm-based HPC clusters lets universities pursue both computer-science and pure science research.

A Proven Range of Powerful HPC Capabilities

Learn more about Arm’s portfolio of HPC products and solutions and foundational technologies.