Side-Channel Mitigation Security IP

Side-channel attacks (SCA) are a rapidly emerging threat to silicon security. All security implementations in silicon can leak sensitive information (such as secret cryptographic keys), through power consumption signature and electromagnetic emanations. These attacks are frequently referred to as Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attacks and Electro Magnetic Analysis (DEMA) attacks. This data leakage can be exploited by the adversaries to compromise the security of the system.

Arm offers a novel solution that mitigates the threat of SCA at the source of the problem, by drastically reducing the leakage of sensitive information through power consumption and electromagnetic emanations.

Features and Benefits

A hardening approach addresses the threat at the source reducing the data leakage rather than managing the symptoms, resulting in a more secure and longer lasting solution in the field.


Reduced engineering effort means no need for the customer to maintain a “mix” of countermeasures which eases certification and design reuse.


Easy to integrate with hard-macro integration approach and uses a standard design methodology and flows.

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To protect against the threat of side-channel attacks, Arm has enhanced two existing IP products, with a new level of side-channel attack protection.


The Arm CryptoIsland-300P is a highly integrated security subsystem, now equipped to protect against a range of side-channel attacks, including power and electromagnetic side-channel analysis threats, while increasing the ease of reuse.


The highly efficient Arm CryptoIsland-312P is focused on providing platform security for devices with strict power and area constraints. It’s now also equipped to protect against side-channel attacks, including power and electromagnetic side-channel analysis threats.

Silicon Security Within Reach

Arm's suite of physical security solutions empowers designers to build in the necessary physical protection at the heart of the device. The suite includes both processor IP equipped with tamper resistance, plus a range of IP specifically created to mitigate side-channel attacks.

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