Image Signal Processing for Automotive

Mali-C71 was developed for the emerging smart automotive systems market, delivering key visual information to both computer vision systems and the driver display for clear and convenient viewing. Mali-C71 is the first automotive product in the Mali Camera series of image signal processors.

Features and Benefits
Multi-Camera Support

The Mali-C71 ISP can process up to four real-time camera inputs and 16 camera streams from memory, with a single pipeline. Support for up to 4:1 multi-exposure HDR or on-sensor combined HDR, with support for a range of bayer and non-bayer CFA patterns, allows the system developer to select from a range of sensor types from various suppliers. Mali-C71 supports simultaneous inputs from a mix of sensor types operating in a variety of modes, providing for a wide range of vision system use cases.

Advanced Noise Reduction

Mali-C71 contains advanced spatial (2D) noise reduction ("sinter®"), providing optimized image data for computer vision applications and the best-quality image to the vision system for display to the driver.

Every Pixel Reliable

Mail-C71 provides real-time safety features for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications, enabling system-level functional safety compliance. It has more than 400 dedicated fault-detection circuits, built-in self-test (BIST), and CRC on critical data paths; every pixel is tagged for reliability.

Independent Range Management

Capable of processing 24 bits of dynamic range to capture every detail, from bright sunlight to deep shadows, Mali-C71 features independent dynamic range management for optimum human vision (display) and for computer vision applications.

Special Datapath Considerations for ADAS

Mali-C71 provides reversible transforms where not required for human viewability, possible “suspect” pixels tagged by location, region-of-interest crops, and planar histograms for further CV system analysis.


Mali-C71 image signal processor is intended for use in multi-camera automotive vision systems, either for computer vision systems as part of integrated ADAS functions, or output to display for human vision features, or a combination of both. Applications include 360-degree surround view, object detection, lane positioning, road-sign recognition, mirror replacement, reversing camera, and occupant monitoring. Mali-C71 supports the requirements of automotive vision systems needing to meet SIL3 and ASIL-D functional safety for a variety of ADAS applications

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