Security for the Next 1 Trillion Devices 

Arm technologies are in billions of devices today, a number we expect to see grow to over 1 trillion. Achieving this vision calls for a symbiotic relationship between hardware and software where security is no longer an afterthought. It requires an expanding portfolio of secure IP, software and a collaborative ecosystem fortifying devices across a common platform.

As device security evolves, Arm is applying the insights gained from the 100 billion-plus Arm-based chips already shipped to innovate an end-to-end approach to device security.

Arm Invisible Security
Invisible Security

The true value of connecting a trillion devices will arise from the seamless flow of trusted data between devices. Security and connectivity must be invisible — always present, but never interfering with legitimate data flow. We see from the current landscape that the cost of security failings has increased on many fronts and that security failures now are anything but invisible.

Arm simplifies these challenges with security embedded in our architecture and products, reducing friction and time-to-security throughout the design and development cycle.

Architect of a Secure Ecosystem
Architect of a Secure Ecosystem

Arm is at the epicenter of the world’s largest compute ecosystem. We are uniquely positioned to take a system-wide approach to security, enabling more trusted intelligent learning capabilities to occur on more devices at the edge. Arm’s approach helps ensure that security is never optional in a world with more connected and intelligent devices and where convenience and time-to-market are ever higher priorities.

Arm Evolving Security
Evolving Security

As security attacks and threats continue to evolve, so must the methods to combat them. Arm has expanded the market for TrustZone technology (which is already the trusted foundation for billions of mobile devices) to the embedded technology powering IoT devices. With the release of the Platform Security Architecture, we are providing a framework to shift the economics of designing in security at IoT scale. Arm also offers device management solutions, such as Mbed cloud, to protect the entire lifetime of infrastructure and intelligent devices. Other solutions such as Arm Mbed OS (an open source embedded operating system) address security in device hardware, software, and communication throughout the device lifecycle.

Security from Device to Cloud
Security from the Device to the Cloud

Arm has a strong history of providing secure compute platforms for a range of security-focused applications – from smartcards, SIMs and other secure elements through to feature-rich secured devices in mobile handsets, tablet computers, DTVs, set top boxes and enterprise systems. Arm continues to build on that history with the recent expansion of the security offering to address market requirements for developer-friendly, deterministic, real-time embedded and IoT applications.

Physical Security Solutions

Physical Security Solutions

The threat of physical security attacks grows every day, with hackers getting more creative and more aggressive in tampering with valuable device and user data. That's why it's increasingly important to consider physical protection in your hardware design, addressing the threat at the source. Physical attacks can be divided into two main categories - non-invasive (including side channel attacks) and invasive (physical tampering) - and Arm has a portfolio of IP to protect against both types of attacks.

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Securing Feature-Rich Devices

Cover of the Arm Security Manifesto

IoT Security Manifesto

Arm’s new vision for the IoT lays out future security paths including the creation of a cyber immune system, device-based patterning and architectural compartmentalization. It calls on all technology companies to share responsibility under the Digital Social Contract with users to deliver products and services built on a foundation of trust.

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